King's Lynn Waites are members of
The International Guild of Town Pipers

The York Waits
The York Waits
the world's premier band of Waits.

Colchester Waits Renaissance Shawm Band

Blondel Renaissance Winds

The King's Morris King's Lynn's own Morris Dancers

Richard Blake Wood Turner, Instrument Maker & Musician

Mannington Gardens & Wolterton Hall
Home of The Lord & Lady Walpole

The Lynn News West Norfolk's bi-weekly newspaper.

Norfolk Symphony Orchestra Highly acclaimed amateur orchestra.

West Norfolk Jubilee Youth Orchestra Lively youth orchestra and concert band.

The Serpent Website All you need to know about serpents.

The West Gallery Music Association Village church music as it used to be.

J C Barrett Photographic Photos of the port of King's Lynn and other items of local interest.

King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council
Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

Norfolk County Council
Norfolk County Council. - An extensive directory exclusively dedicated to Bridal Services featuring wedding dresses, cakes, stationery, photographers and much more to help you organise your big day.

King's Lynn Online

Instruments for Sale Second-hand musical instruments for sale

Norfolk Folk What's happening in the folk world in Norfolk

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments To see early instruments and hear them being played.

Christopher Monk Instruments Finest quality authentic copies of early wind instruments.

Norwich Natural Trumpets Up and coming Natural Trumpet makers Michael Barlow & Mathew Martin

Gerry Birch Brass instruments, mutes & repairs

The London Serpent Trio A unique ensemble!

JSL Fonts
Authentic 17th century fonts

Lincoln Renaissance Band

Eddie Seales Big Band - Weddings, Parties, Jazz, Rock n Roll. The Best Live Music in Norfolk!

Hunstanton Concert Band

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Chris Gutteridge Elizabeth Gutteridge, Musician

The Mellstock Band   The Music of Hardy's Wessex and Beyond

Hands On Music Weekends Non-residential courses in traditional and related music

The Fall Of Eve English Folk Band  Wyldes Noyse Renaissance Duo

Norfolk Gallery Quire - Village Church Music of the Georgiann period

Trio Literati - Three actors - a whole world of characters

Jane Oakshott - Voice, speech and performance coach

Judy Tarling - Baroque musician and rhetorician

Swafham & Litcham Home Hospice Support

Beads & Braiding - hand-crafted jewellery by Jayne

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