King's Lynn Waites are members of
The International Guild of Town Pipers

The York Waits
The York Waits
the world's premier band of Waits.

Colchester Waits Renaissance Shawm Band

Consort of 1

Blondel Renaissance Winds

The King's Morris King's Lynn's own Morris Dancers

Wyldes Noyse Renaissance Duo

Trio Literati - Three actors - a whole world of characters

Jane Oakshott - Voice, speech and performance coach

Judy Tarling - Baroque musician and rhetorician

Jewellery by Jayne

Chris Gutteridge, Musician

Elizabeth Gutteridge, Musician

Richard Blake Wood Turner, Instrument Maker & Musician

Hunstanton Concert Band

The Shawm Shop

Instruments for Sale Second-hand musical instruments for sale

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments To see early instruments and hear them being played.

Christopher Monk Instruments Finest quality authentic copies of early wind instruments.

Norwich Natural Trumpets Up and coming Natural Trumpet makers Michael Barlow & Mathew Martin

Gerry Birch Brass instruments, mutes & repairs

JSL Fonts
Authentic 17th century fonts

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