Dr Richards, His Farewell

by Elizabeth Gutteridge

Elizabeth Gutteridge, Composer

On the evening of Thursday, 25th May 2000, The Waites visited Dr Richards at his home in the centre of old King's Lynn and played him the piece written in his honour (see Lynn News report below). We performed in a courtyard surrounded by buildings dating from medieval to Georgian times, including an Elizabethan watchtower built by a Lynn merchant and previous Mayor. It is almost certain that, as previous Mayors lived in the surrounding houses, this was far from the first time the Lynn Waites had played this venue!
As we have come to expect, Dr Richards, a prominent local historian born and bred in Lynn, gave us a brief but comprehensive lecture on the history of the buildings and their previous inhabitants, accompanied by a glass or two of wine.

Lynn News, Friday, June 2, 2000. Website: www.lynnnews.co.uk
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