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Chris Gutteridge's 1937 Series 1 Morris 8 two-seater

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Day Two - Beverley to Blairgowrie
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Day 3 part two

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Morris 8

In June 2018, on a sudden whim, I bought a 1937 series 1 Morris 8 two-seater. The two-seater was developed from the four-seater Morris 8 Tourer, the only difference being that it has no back seats, and the back of the vehicle is sloped forwards, leaving a small space behind the seats for carrying things. It was introduced as a means of keeping a Morris 8 model that was priced at under £120, retailing at £118.

The vehicle has been modified by the previous owner to make it more reliable. The original series 1 engine and three-speed gearbox have been replaced with a rebuilt series E engine and four-speed gearbox from the 1940s. The electrics have been converted from 6v to 12v, it has electronic ignition hidden in the distributor cap and an electric fan hidden between the radiator and the grill.

Morris 8 Morris 8

Morris 8 Morris 8