Chris Gutteridge's


Some of the instruments in my collection (all authentic copies or originals):

19th century 3 key English Military Serpent after F Pretty by Christopher Monk Instruments
Wide-bore 1 key Lizard or Lysarden by the late Christopher Monk after an instrument in his private collection
Sackbut by Frank Tomes
15th century Slide Trumpet by Gerry Birch after a painting by Hans Memling (c1435-94)
Narrow bore "peashooter" military tenor trombone by Jerome Thirouville-Lamy & Co. c1900
"G" Bass trombone by Boosey & Hawkes
Natural Trumpet by Barlow & Martin.
Japanese Nose Flute (not for the squeamish! Photo deemed not suitable for the internet!)

I also play modern violin, viola, guitar and tenor and bass trombones.