Chris Gutteridge's


Some of the instruments in my collection (all authentic copies or originals):

18th century keyless French Church Serpent by the late Christopher Monk
19th century 3 key English Military Serpent after F Pretty by Christopher Monk Instruments
Wide-bore 1 key Lizard or Lysarden by the late Christopher Monk after an instrument in his private collection
Cornett by Christopher Monk Instruments
Sackbut by Frank Tomes
15th century Slide Trumpet by Gerry Birch after a painting by Hans Memling (c1435-94)
Narrow bore "peashooter" military tenor trombone by Jerome Thirouville-Lamy & Co. c1900
"G" Bass trombone by Boosey & Hawkes
Natural Trumpet by Barlow & Martin. NEW!
Japanese Nose Flute (not for the squeamish! Photo deemed not suitable for the internet!)

I also play modern violin, viola, guitar and tenor and bass trombones.