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Unless otherwise stated, information originates from the Hall Books or Chamberlain’s accounts in the archives at King’s Lynn Town Hall. All mistakes, especially in the ham-fisted attempts at translation from the Latin, are entirely my own responsibility!

Information supplied by:-

Cal = Calendar of the Freemen of Lynn (held at Trues Yard)
JC = James Cummings Work in progress
AF = Antonia Fraser, ‘The Lives of the Kings & Queens of England’
GG = Gerald Gifford, Royal College of Music
CG = Chris Gutteridge
Hil = Hillen
, ‘History of King’s Lynn’
DJ = David Jackson, '19th & 20th Century Brass Bands and Wind Bands In King's Lynn' (unpublished paper)
SM = Susan Maddock, Archivist, Norfolk County Council
Mal = Malone Society, Collections, Vol XI, Records of plays and players in Norfolk & Suffolk, 1330-1642. Edited by Eric Buckley.
JM = James Merryweather ‘York Music’
DP = David Pitcher
AR = Alan Radford Leeds Waits
PR = Paul Richards, ‘King’s Lynn’
T = William Taylor 'The Antiquities of King's Lynn, Norfolk' (Lynn, 1844)
TY = True's Yard

Other East Anglian towns possessing waits included Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Cambridge, Thetford and Swaffham. See The Waits Website for further details.
‘When accounts are in English the distinctions among kinds of entertainers seem clear enough.......but the Latin equivalents turn out not to be equivalents’ G. R. Proudfoot, The Malone Society.

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