Authentic and Enjoyable Performance
Early Music Festival, The Guildhall, Leicester
1st June 2007

Review by Peter Collett

The sound of shawms entering the atmospheric Great Hall of Leicester's Guildhall heralded the start of an hour of popular music from Renaissance Europe.

Wylde's Noyse are, Deb Cooper, Elizabeth Gutteridge and Chris Gutteridge, all members of the King's Lynn Waits. Traditionally every major town or city would have had a Waits Band whose duties involved anything from waking the inhabitants to greeting Civic dignitaries.

Playing a range of period instruments, singing, poetry reading and even a little dancing, they gave a concert with obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm to a small, but appreciative audience.

Instruments such as shawms and slide trumpets were meant as much for outdoor use as indoor, more gentle sounds were offered in the form of a delicate harp solo which transported us musically from the court of Henry VIII to the Elizabethan period.

The music was simple but melodious. In the catchy Horses Bransle, the lysard (a large cornet) was accompanied by countermelodies from bagpipes and recorder, while the Scottish Bransle simply involved a violin and a drum beat to produce an atmospheric North of the Border sound!

Songs of the day such as Watkins Ale and the Maid of Lynn were somewhat risqué, Chris Gutteridge performed them musically but with just the right touch of popular appeal.

A relaxed and enjoyable hour, perfect to follow those few "wee drams" at the preceding whisky tasting!