Olde music lives on Lynn News, Friday 10th November 2006

Historic ingredients for a concert held at Lynn's Green Quay included a serpent, a Norfolk dulcimer, a concertina, flute, clarinet and fiddles.
Around 60 people packed into the ground floor area of Marriott's Warehouse at the Green Quay Centre on Saturday to listen to an evening of music entitled, Music of Olde Norfolk.
This was performed by the costumed, Norfolk Gallery Quire and Fall of Eve English Folk Band, totalling twelve performers. The evening was MC'd by the founder and director of both groups, Chris Gutteridge, who lives near Swaffham, playing the serpent (originally an 18C military marching instrument), who also gave much background information on the subject.
Many of the pieces of West Gallery music played had Norfolk names, such as Acle, Reedham and Bowthorpe. Some were taken from the original 19C Briston (near Melton Constable) psalmbook, and others researched from music archives in Norwich. West Gallery music was sung and played in churches by villagers up until the introduction of the organ in Victorian times. The writer, Thomas Hardy, was a great collector of the music.
Several unaccompanied numbers were sung with gusto by Dave Cooper from Thetford, and Richard Blake, from Melton Constable, played expertly on his Norfolk hammered dulcimer, also explaining its history.
The Green Quay Centre Manager, Mr Michael Denniss said: "We do occasionally have concerts here, but this has been one of the best. I'm truly delighted."
Further details of the group can be found on their websites or by ringing Chris Gutteridge on 01760 - 755993; or regarding activities at the The Green Quay by ringing 01553 - 818500 or visiting www.thegreenquay.co.uk

Gina Gutteridge