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I make and sell reeds for soprano, alto and tenor shawm and tenor and bass curtals, especially those made by Hanchet, Martens, Cronin, Parr, Moulder & Heller. All reeds are £23 each plus P&P (£3 for up to 5 reeds in the UK, for other quantities and countries please enquire by email.)


To order or make enquiries
please email

I will invoice by pdf for bank transfer or cheque payment (UK) or via paypal (other countries)

Payment will be taken before reeds are sent out. If you are not happy with your reeds for any reason you can return them to me within 2 weeks to claim a full discount on the price of the reeds minus the P&P

Hi Lizzie,
I received the reeds. They are superfine!
Thank you a lot!!!!

David Brutti

Small Soprano
Small Soprano. For soprano shawms by Cronin & Parr, available in hard (yellow), medium (black)
& soft (red) strengths.

Small Alto
Small Alto. For alto shawms by Cronin & Parr
(also Heller soprano).

Large Soprano
Large Soprano. For soprano shawms by Hanchet, Martens & Moulder.

Large Alto
Large Alto. For alto shawms by Hanchet & Martens
(and some alto curtals).

Tenor. For most tenor shawms and tenor curtals.

Bass. For most bass curtals.