Lizzie Gutteridge

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A versatile musician, Lizzie Gutteridge splits her professional life between performance and teaching. She is an accomplished performer on Medieval and Renaissance winds and bowed strings, appearing regularly with The York Waits, Blondel and Wyldes Noyse. Lizzie also founded and directs the Colchester Waits shawm band and is a Director of the International Guild of Town Pipers.

Lizzie teaches violin, viola, clarinet and guitar both privately and for Essex Music Services and runs the orchestra, African drumming group and Early Music group at Chelmsford Music School. She is also one of the few people teaching on shawms and has helped many members of the Colchester Waits starting from scratch.

Having graduated with a BA Hons in music from Durham University Lizzie went on to work as a workshop leader and administrator for Norfolk Music Works. She developed an interest in playing music from around the world, studying Javanese gamelan, Japanese shakuhachi and Indian classical singing as well as composition and electro-acoustics whilst at Durham and receiving training on African drumming, steel pans, samba, jazz and DJ-ing at Norfolk Music Works.

This broad education, together with the folk and Early music influences of her family background mean that Lizzie has a wide range of musical skills that allow her to feel at home in almost any musical situation.