Colchester Waits (shawm band)
(Shawm Band)

Loud Renaissance Winds Workshop and Concert
21st September 2008 at the Headgate Theatre Colchester

The recently formed Colchester Waits Shawm Band, together with the King’s Lynn Waites are hosting a workshop for players of loud renaissance wind instruments such as shawms, rauschpfeifen, curtals, cornets, lysards, and sackbuts at Colchester’s Headgate Theatre on the 21st September 2008.

Participants in the workshop will play Renaissance 4, 5 and 6 part music under the tutorage of members of the King’s Lynn Waites, all experienced musicians in the field. At the concert, which will take place at 7.30 on the same evening at the Headgate, the King’s Lynn Waites will play a wide range of Renaissance music including other instruments such as bagpipes, recorders, harp, viella and cittern. There will also be a few pieces from the combined King’s Lynn and Colchester Waits bands and workshop participants. The King’s Lynn Waites were re-formed by Chris Gutteridge in 1999 and since then have performed regularly in Lynn and further a-field, providing music for processions, banquets, fairs and concerts in the style of their historical counterparts. Chris’ daughter Lizzie has been playing shawm with the band since 2001 and together they have formed their own duo, Wyldes Noyse, playing a wide range of historical popular music.

Last September Chris and Lizzie Gutteridge ran a Come and Try Renaissance Winds workshop at Cressing Temple and in November Lizzie started the Colchester Wiats Shawm Band who meet every month and already have several concerts to their credit. Now they hope to make the September workshop and concert a regular feature of Colchester’s musical calendar, bringing in more bands and musicians from further afield each year.

Workshop: £16 (members of Colchester Waits £9). Includes evening concert.
Concert only: £9 (concessions £6).

For more information please contact Lizzie Gutteridge: or 07762 015645 or 01206 212466.